We provide advanced R&D services in which we work with researchers and experts to invent new solutions for customers based on the state-of-the-art technologies

Research & Development

We provide consulting services to support SME in Digital Transformation and provide the most suitable DX packages from the best vendors

Training Service

We design and provide basic and advanced IT training courses based on customers’ need by working with the best experts in specific IT domains

Consulting Service

We provide high quality and full-cycle Outsourcing Development for AI, Embedded, Web/Mobile

Outsourcing Development

Outsourcing Development

● Domains: Data Center Monitoring, Employee Management, Device Control
● Technologies: Java Spring MVC, cakePHP

Web development

● Domains: Object Detection & Tracking, Object Recognition, OCR
● Frameworks: TensorFlow, PyTorch, Café,..
● Architectures: CNN, RNN, GANs, …

Artificial intelligence

● Domains: Linux Drivers, Automotive, IoT Sensor, Electronic Measurement Devices
● Platforms: Linux Kernel/OSS, AUTOSAR, QNX, TOPPER/iTRON, Windows, ARM mbed


● Domains: Data Center Monitoring, Employee Management, Device Control
● Platforms: Linux, Windows, Android, iOS
● Technologies: Java Spring MVC, cakePHP, BLE

PC/Mobile application

Research and Development

● Customers who seek for a new solutions based on state-of-the-art research result with cutting-edge technology. We provide R&D services on:
   □ Computer Vision
   □ AI/Deep Learning
   □ Embedded

Target customer

● Work with the experts from customers’ organization to create the new solutions based on the latest technologies in specific domains
● Collaborate with the network of researchers and experts (in Vietnam and abroad) to invent new algorithms/methods to solve customers’ problems
● The R&D output is new solutions, scientific papers and patents.



Training Courses

● Design training courses based on customer’s needs
● Trainees join Lectures
● Trainees practice with in-class case-studies

Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT)

● Recruit and train engineers, build production process
● Operate as an independent company
● Transfer full ownership to customer

Training Model

Training Method

Active Training Method
● Trainees study a lecture by themselves before class
● Trainees present during class-time
● Trainer and trainees discuss on the interested topics of the lecture
● Features
    □ More discussion
    □ Deeper understanding


● Start-up and SMEs companies in different domains, who want to apply Digital Transform for faster and better adapt with the rapid change in digital age.
   □ Manufacturing
   □ Education
   □ Agriculture
   □ Environment
   □ …

Target customer

● Support SMEs to build up the DX roadmap based on strategic vision with the most suitable solutions
● Provide Technical Consulting for DX implementation
● Provide Training human resource to adapt with DX
● Work with vendors to provide the DX implementation packages based on the customer’s needs


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